Hair Replacement Westchester County

Have Your Hair Loss Solved By Richard Farrell!

Everyone knows that Farrell Hair Replacement makes the best hair replacement systems in the world. Why are they voted “Best in the World” year in and year out? The answer is simple: Hair replacement artist Richard Farrell has achieved the perfect balance of art and technology in designing and producing the most undetectable hair systems imaginable.
Now you can take advantage of the incredible and unique opportunity to have your hair system designed by the master artist himself!

Best in the World

Farrell Hair Replacement creates ultra-custom nonsurgical hair replacement hair systems for men suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss. Farrell hair systems are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch and are produced with the highest quality human hair available. Farrell hair systems have been voted “Best in the World” for nine consecutive years.
We produce hair systems that appear as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. With a Farrell hair system you can create any hairstyle you wish including those that allow you to comb your hair back and away from your face, exposing your entire hairline.

We achieve results that cannot be achieved with expensive and invasive hair transplant surgeries and potentially dangerous chemicals such as Propecia and Rogaine that empty wallets but haven’t grown back even one full head of hair.

Farrell usually produces a hair system in about 8 to 12 weeks with hair exactly like your own. We use the finest quality human hair and custom blend it to match your own color, density and texture. Farrell’s base materials virtually disappear on your skin. A Farrell “ultra-custom” hair replacement system flows and moves as if it were your own hair. You will look like you have your own natural hair back. New clients usually doubt that we at Farrell can achieve their goals but in the end they find that we exceeded their wildest expectations!

Hair Transplant Surgery

Before you get that expensive and invasive hair transplant surgery and waste money on harmful chemicals – costly methods that have virtually NO CHANCE of restoring your hair – tune in to the Farrell Hair Loss Show for honest and in-depth information on issues such as hair replacement for men.

See It And Prove It For Yourself

View the Farrell client photos of actual Hair Replacement for men clients. These individuals are not professional models. These are real, untouched photos. You will notice that in each photo, the hairline is totally exposed. You will see close up and personal how Farrell’s totally natural-looking and undetectable hair systems virtually disappear on your skin, looking as if hair is growing right out of your head and allowing you to comb your hair straight back and expose Farrell’s signature hairline.

As you examine these photos, ask yourself: Can invasive and expensive hair transplant surgery restore my natural appearance like this? Can potentially harmful chemicals like Propecia and Rogaine give me this much density? Can cheap, throwaway hair systems achieve this level of undetectability?
The answers… “No, No and No”!