Hair Replacement Suffolk County, New York

You can have Richard Farrell, the Master himself design your hair systems Meet with Richard Farrell in a Tour City

What can be better than that? Richard Farrell has been performing world-wide Consultation Tours for several years now and has learned that the way to give our clients the best hair systems is to try to personally meet with each client. Richard schedules Tours to most major world cities where he designs hair systems for people who simply want the best. This is the ultimate way to get a perfect hair system.

Other Companies Compare their Systems to Farrell

They say their systems are as good as Farrell systems and some go far as to say their systems are better than Farrell’s. They even claim they are less expensive. But since all of these companies simply send their orders to overseas factories they just cannot compete with the quality of Farrell hair systems. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The bad part is when they can’t produce the quality of a Farrell system they resort to bad mouthing, libel and slander towards Farrell in order to make their systems look better. This is an industry that has no scruples and is known for taking advantage of hair loss sufferers. But Farrell is the real deal. And no matter what lies they spread Farrell is universally recognized as being the best in quality and undetectability.

Be Careful; Don’t Believe all You Might Read About Farrell

Ever since Farrell Hair Replacement was voted the Best in the World, we have been under constant attacks from the industry and our competitors. Since the other companies cannot match the quality of Farrell ultra-custom hair systems, many have resorted to discrediting Farrell with anonymous posts on the Internet, using “look alike” Farrell URL’s, and building libelous websites that are designed to harm Farrell. They slander the Farrell name. They do all they can to steal our employees. They steal our model photos. They even re-edit our videos and present them as their own. Since they can’t have the best hair systems, they simply try to ruin the Farrell name in order to make their hair systems look better. In general they have declared an all out war against Farrell. Yet, our small company survives.

So beware of these companies who trick you. Be careful about what you read about Farrell on these web sites. Companies that resort to these tricks are certainly not companies that you should trust with the designing of your hair systems. Believe what you see when you schedule your consultation with Farrell.

Are Farrell systems as good as having your own real growing hair?

Of course not, but they are the next best thing to your original hair. Nothing is as good as having you own real hair. I design and make great systems. You, my staff and I work together in order to achieve the natural look you desire.

If you like, you can wear your Farrell system to a regular hair salon for cuts, color, perms or styling. You don’t have to divorce yourself from your hairstylist. You can have styles that you couldn’t achieve with your own real growing hair. Believe it or not, what seems to be a very serious hair loss situation can end up being a lot of fun.