Hair Replacement New York

At Farrell, we give you the most in undetectability and quality. The technologies that make this possible come from Richard Farrell, the world’s most sought-after innovator and leader in hair system making. Farrell Hair Replacement is a company of hair system makers that produces the highest quality hair systems.

A small company, Farrell is alone in the field of ultra-custom hair system creation. Judge for yourself as you watch the many different media events at which Richard has performed such as; TV appearances, make-over shows and live cut-ins. They’re all archived on this website. It is impossible for you to NOT notice the dramatic difference between Farrell and the other companies. No other company can match the natural look of Farrell Hair Replacement systems.

The main difference between Farrell and all of the other hair replacement companies is simple: you will simply look incredible when we give you all of your hair back! You will be able to style your hair in any manner and do any activity in confidence. We are all about replacing your hair exactly the way it used to grow. Other companies simply cover you with factory-made hair pieces.

Farrell Hair Replacement is the only Ultra-Custom Hair Replacement Company in the world. And Richard Farrell is “hands on” and contributes to the production of each hair system.

Richard Farrell is the world’s most sought after hair replacement artist. He is the Master himself. And Farrell Hair Replacement is a company that is composed of hair system makers all trained by Richard. We use proprietary materials and techniques in order to produce hair systems voted the “Best in the World” for the last nine consecutive years.

How good are our hair systems? Well, our clientele is composed of the most discerning and demanding cross section of Hollywood’s entertainment and artistic community. We are able to end everyone’s hair loss situation with non-surgical hair replacement hair systems that are able to fool the high definition cameras of the movie industry.

Just because we are the best does not mean we are expensive. On the contrary, when you factor in the longevity of Farrell Hair systems they are less expensive than just about every other hair system company. You will be free from being glued to a company and you will appreciate that we don’t tie you to expensive maintenance plans like other companies.

Farrell Hair Replacement is the only Ultra Custom hair replacement company in the world. We replace your hair exactly the way it used to grow. We give you back your original hair line, growth patterns, gravity splits, your exact original density, texture color and many other elements that collective work with your bone structure and gravity like magic. You will have you hair back and your hair loss situation is over.
If you already are frequenting another company, come in for a free consultation and see for yourself why Farrell hair systems are the best in the world. If you are looking in to a hair replacement system for the first time, visit us and you will say… “I will do Farrell or do nothing”.

Fill out the form below and schedule a design session with Richard Farrell who can personally give you back more than just your hair. Or, if you can’t wait for Richard, simply schedule an appointment with a Farrell hair replacement specialist here at our new location in Los Angeles.

Now are you starting to see the difference? It is the Farrell difference.