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The “Best Hair Systems in the World” Are Also The Least Expensive

The longevity of a pair of Farrell hair systems is 5 to 7 years! When you factor in the longevity of our hair systems, Farrell is definitely the least expensive. And during that time you will look great! Don’t settle for a company that can only give you “throw away” hair systems (that last anywhere from 1 to 6 months), and will try to trap you into an expensive maintenance program.

As you are probably aware, the other companies charge you horrific monthly fees to attach, clean and re-attach your systems. We free you of being “glued to a company” with expensive maintenance plans. Farrell clients enjoy their days off instead of being forced to spend those days in a hair replacement salon. It’s true that Farrell Hair Replacement systems are the Best in the World and also the least expensive.

The Hollywood film industry

Hollywood is where it all began when Richard Farrell established his first location. Farrell certainly has the most demanding clients on the planet. No one in Hollywood could survive being detected with a hair system.

Undetectability is very important to the artists in this most esthetic part of New York (New York City). Farrell adds happiness to the lives of a wide cross section of the artistic community located here in New York City, New York. We make their hair loss situation a thing of the past. So you really can get back your natural appearance along with your self confidence and self esteem.

Now that you have researched and somehow found our website, if you just think for a second you will realize that no other hair replacement company has a website like It has Live Cut-Ins, TV Appearances, Live Makeover shows. This type of undetectability is only achieved by Farrell Hair Replacement.
Prove to yourself that Richard Farrell is the Master. And Farrell Hair Replacement is a company that is composed of hair system makers all personally trained by Richard. We use proprietary materials and techniques in order to produce our hair systems. By looking at this website you will see that Farrell of New York is absolutely the best!
Expensive? On the contrary, when you factor in the longevity of Farrell Hair systems, we are less expensive than just about every other hair system company. Just because we are the best does not mean we are expensive. Unlike other companies, we don’t tie you down expensive maintenance plans.

We replace your hair exactly the way it used to grow. We give you back your original hair line, growth patterns, gravity splits, your exact original density, texture color and many other elements that collective work with your bone structure and gravity like magic.

Let’s Get Together. Consultations at our New York location are by appointment only. We will help you reach your esthetic goals and your hair loss situation will be remedied. Then you can enjoy the benefits of having all of your hair back.

Fill out the contact form to schedule a design session with Richard Farrell who can personally give you back more than just your hair. Or, if you can’t wait for Richard, simply schedule an appointment with a Farrell hair replacement specialist here at our new location in New York City.